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The Upcoming Beauty and the Beast, and the Preparation

What if your favorite all time cartoon movie is made into the human version – would you be still interested in watching it? What if you can finally see the real text of the Beast or admire the beauty of Belle? Well, things are about to get interesting with the actual human version of Beauty and the Beast, planned to release in 2017.

Ever since Disney released the cartoon version in 1999, the classic fairytale world has never been the same anymore. After all, it is a beautiful love story where physical appearance is no longer relevant. The moral of the story is evident; the physical look is not mattered when you have a heart of golden, even when you sound like a monster. And the message has been loud and clear since the story of Beauty and the Beast is one of the most classic love stories of all times. And it is great that the human version is finally made and released.


The Continuous Buzz

What makes it so unique, anyway? Well, first of all, the cartoon movie was released in 1999, and it takes more than 15 years for the film industry to decide to make the human version finally. Second, the options of casts are undoubtedly epic and promising, with Emma Watson as the Beauty a.k.A Belle. We all know that Emma has one of the most natural beauties of her own, and it gets absorbing.

The subtle promotion is powerful enough, in particular through the online platform. Even before the official release, people are made curious with the trailers and the promise that it will be an interesting love story from Disney. If you check the Youtube, you should be able to find the official videos. However, don’t expect to locate the storyline because most of the videos are about the table reading or the promise of how good the movie will be about. Even with the tagline ‘official’, you shouldn’t get your hopes high because there is nothing much to see.


The Clever Promotion and Tactic

One of the biggest magnets that make this movie appealing is the charm and appeal of Emma Watson, naturally. With her image as the Belle (she was portrayed wearing the signature golden dress during the dance scene) going viral, more and more people are attracted to the news. Believe it or not, the image has been spread since 2015 and yet there had been rumors about it. Some said that it was only a hoax picture while some said that it was real.

It was in 2016 that the official confirmation had been made that the movie Beauty and the Beast are on its way. Unfortunately, you have to wait to 2017 to finally see it. The role of the Beast a.k.a the Prince will be played by Dan Steven. Because there is no official release of the trailer or how the chemistry of the two, I guess we’d better wait and see.

Beauty and the Beast will be officially launched on March the 17th 2017 so you’d better be prepared for it. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!